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AFN Entertainment Centre AFN Entertainment

10552 Highway #3
Yarmouth, NS B5A 5J7
t: (902) 742-8140 (Bingo Hall)
t: (902) 742-5501 (Gaming Room)
f: (902) 742-5503
toll free: (844) 748-2632
e: afnentertainment@acadiaband.ca
Manager: Amanda Myra
Inception: January 2014

Hours of Operation: AFN Entertainment Centre

Sunday – Wednesday 8am – 12am
Thursday-Saturday 8am – 7am (open 23hours)

AFN Entertainment Centre offers two different types of entertainment. One side of the building offers gaming entertainment with the following services:

• 22 VLT machines
• Interac/ATM
• Smoking/non-smoking gaming rooms
• Tobacco products
• Confectionary items (pop/chips and sandwiches)

The other side of this beautiful Centre currently offers our customers Bingo 4 nights a week and an afternoon bingo on Saturday. Come join the fun and the following services:

• Smoking/non-smoking rooms AFN Entertainment Centre
• Canteen
• Hot balls
• Specials games
• Regular bingo games
• Mini games
• Bingo merchandise

Bingo Schedule: BingoBrochure.pdf

Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday Night
Doors open at 5:00pm
Mini Games Start at 6:00pm
Regular Games Start at 7:00pm AFN Entertainment Centre

Saturday Afternoon
Doors open at noon
Sales begin at noon
Mini Games Start at 1:00pm
Regular Games Start at 2:00pm

3 on 13 page regular book      $5.00
9 on 13 page regular book      $12.00
12 on 13 page regular book    $15.00
Loose Specials                         $1.00 each
Bonanza                                  $ .50 each
Break open Hot Balls               $1.00 each
3 on 4 page mini book             $1.00 each

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