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AFN Gaming Commission

The Acadia First Nation has a number of licensed gaming operations operating within Acadia First Nation reserves. As part of the licensing, a gaming agreement has been entered into between the Province of Nova Scotia and the Acadia First Nation. The gaming agreement provides for the establishment of a gaming commission to oversee the gaming agreement and the gaming operations. The gaming agreement provides that in the absence of a Gaming Commission the First Nation Chief and Council become the Gaming Commission of record.

The mission of the Acadia First Nation Gaming Commission is to oversee the operations and personnel and provide strategic and daily advice and direction on the gaming operations. The AFN Gaming operations will endeavour to manage the gaming operations as viable and competitive business - individually and collectively. The responsibility of the gaming commission is to act upon matters which do not directly fall within the scope of the business managers and provide consistent and sound advice on these matters.

This list includes but is not limited to:
•The closing of any establishment
•The Removal and or re-allocation of VLT's
•The reprimand, dismissal, lay-off and hiring of management
•Amendments or additions to these guidelines
•Any other major decision where input from Chief and Council is required

The Establishments Include:
• Your Winners World in Yarmouth
• AFN Entertainment Centre in Yarmouth
• Wildcat Entertainment in South Brookfield
• Medway River Entertainment in Greenfield
• The Gold Nugget in Gold River
• Gold Reserves in Gold River

Board Members Roles and Responsibilities

The AFN Gaming Commission has the authority to form committees among its members to deal with grievances, hiring of staff, etc..

Gaming Commission membership:

Chief Deborah Robinson, Councillor Darlene Coulton, Councillor Tom Pictou, Councillor Charmaine Stevens, Councillor Andrew Francis, Councillor Debra Wentzell, Councillor Mike Paul and Councillor Jeff Purdy.

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