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Kespuwick Resources Inc.

Kespuwick Resources Inc. 10526 Hwy # 3
Yarmouth, N.S. B5A 5J7
Phone: (902) 742-7354
Toll Free: 1-888-850-9022
Fax: (902) 742-9355

Curtis Falls
Fisheries Director

Charlene Hanf
Financial Controller


Founded, developed and Incorporated on September 6, 2001 by Acadia First Nation Kespuwick Resources, "is an established right based harvest fisheries company operating within the Atlantic Maritimes region. Operations cover a large geographic area from Yarmouth to Lunenburg Counties, with main onshore facilities and assets located in Yarmouth."

Kespuwick has gained access to 46 harvesting licenses, with a focus on lobster, in Lobster Fishing Areas (LFA) 33 and 34 in addition to Atlantic blue fin, tuna, snow crab, scallops, gaspereau and swordfish.

Existing Licenses and Locations
Lobster13Lobster Area 34
Lobster4Lobster Area 33
Snow Crab24X
Scallop4Bay of Fundy
Bluefin Tuna2South West Nova Scotia
Swordfish1Scotia Fundy
Clam10Southwest Nova
Gaspereau8Yarmouth/Shelburne/Queens/Lunenburg County
Quahog1South West Nova Scotia
Jonah Crab1Lobster Area 33
Herring/Mackerel3South West Nova Scotia
American Eel1Yarmouth

Kespuwick Resources Inc. The objective of Kespuwick Resources Incorporated is to establish a vertically integrated, multi-species, rights-based fishing enterprise that will provide a variety of employment opportunities for Band members while building a positive working relationship with non-native fishermen and companies.

Operating under the umbrella of Acadia First Nation, Kespuwick remains under community control, including the Chief and Councilors. The Kespuwick Advisory Committee has been assembled to provide strategic input, advice and make recommendations with regard to operation, future planning, policies, administration, communication, working with stakeholders, financing and funding. The day-to-day operations are completed by the Director of Operations and a number of onshore and offshore staff.

Kespuwick Resources Inc.

Kespuwick Resources Inc. MISS CORAL

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