Job Opportunity | Kespukwitk Nuji Kelo’toqatijik - Earth Keeper | Acadia First Nation

Kespukwitk Nuji Kelo’toqatijik - Earth Keeper

RATE $ 16.00 per hour/36 hours per week/additional field travel compensation
POSITIONS Three (3) term positions available
DURATION August to December 31, 2021
LOCATION Locations dependant upon fieldwork needs


Acadia First Nation (AFN), in engaging Mi’kmaw communities and individuals in Kespukwitk regarding conservation is hiring three (3) Earth Keepers to support the stewardship and cultural responsibility of caring for the lands and waters in special ecological places within Kespukwitk. Monitoring and collecting data and integrating local and traditional knowledge in collaboration with Mi’kmaw communities, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, cultural leaders, fieldworkers, and partner organizations for conservation initiatives and project opportunities that promote building community capacity, and the strengthening of Mi’kmaw identity, culture, and traditions through land-based learning.


  • Maintain a presence throughout Kespukwitk in special ecological places and designated areas (as determined by Acadia First Nation (AFN) Council, or partner organizations)
  • Monitor and collect data in special ecological places or designated areas of Mi’kmaw communities, traditional territories, proposed Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCA’s), and other ecological or Mi’kmaw cultural protected areas
    • Collect and record data related tthe health of Kespukwitk ecological and cultural values (Mi’kmaw cultural and sacred sites, wildlife, climate, contamination, visitor impacts, environmental compliance, etc.)
    • Collaborate with Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Mi’kmaw communities, and cultural leaders tdocument cultural and sacred sites and develop an execution plan tcontinue monitoring impacts
    • Ensure all data is entered on a daily/weekly basis intthe Kespukwitk ecology database and data is kept secure
    • Report on results of all monitoring efforts tappropriate ecology program staff in a timely manner
    • Support land use plan initiatives and priorities such as building relationships with and educating resource users regarding the importance of collaboration for the protection and preservation of special ecological places or designated areas
    • Support research projects as needed (IPCA’s, or other conservation and protection projects in Kespukwitk)
  • Communicate and network as part of the regional/national Guardians programs, and build relationships with partners of the Kespukwitk Conservation Collaborative
  • Facilitate community and Elder/youth workshops to support cultural continuity and education regarding the stewardship of special ecological places or designated areas in Kespukwitk and the importance to Mi’kmaw culture, identity and traditions
    • Share with community members about findings of fieldwork
    • Support Acadia First Nation ecology program by submitting newsletters and assisting with the social media sites
    • Work with local schools to raise awareness about the land and water, from Mi’kmaw perspectives.
    • Serve as a role model for youth interns
  • Respond to reports of conservation and protection concern in special ecological places or designate areas
    • Respond professionally to concerns or violations in an appropriate manner by approaching resource users to address concerns and documenting relevant information
  • Adhere to AFN policies and procedures


  • Strong knowledge of Mi’kmaw territory and values
  • Cultural and/or ecological knowledge of local terrestrial and freshwater species
  • Familiarity with Indigenous/Mi’kmaw protocols as well as federal and provincial rules and regulations
  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to protecting the health of Kespukwitk territory and culture
  • Proficient computer skills, including Word, Excel, email and using handheld devices
  • Strong communication skills to interact with visitors and resource users in a polite and positive manner
  • Confident, comfortable, and assertive in addressing violation issues with community members and resource users
  • Dependable, motivated and demonstrates a strong work ethic
  • Shows initiative and is a team player
  • Ability to work irregular work hours, including some overtime
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Criminal record check
  • Child Abuse Registry Check

Deadline to Apply: August 5, 2021

Submit Resume to: **Please quote EARTHKEEPER# on your resume for this position.

AFN reserves the right to refuse any and all applications for employment and does not assume candidate expenses related to this recruitment process.

Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.