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Before July 16, 2021


Nova Scotia Power Smart Meter Notification

Nova Scotia Power Smart Meters will be installed on all Acadia First Nation Reserves in the coming weeks. Please read all attached information. Including opt-out application.

Attached is a suggested schedule for Smart Meter conversion from Nova Scotia Power. All work is done outdoors and NSP has strict Covid-19 Protocols.

  • Yarmouth – June 10/11
  • Gold River – this community has already been completed
  • Wildcat – June 8/9
  • Greenfield – June 16/17
  • Ponhook – June 8/9

There will be a power interruption of approximately 2 minutes per household as the new meters are turned on which the residents will be advised when the techs are on site.

Please see the below PDFs for more information:

Smart Meter Upgrades in First Nations Communities (479 KB)

Smart Meters FAQ March 2021 (146 KB)

OPT OUT FORM (RES) MAIL January 2021 (449 KB)



The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult to navigate since March 2020, especially for our Youth.  Our Youth have had their lives disrupted by converting to online learning, changes to their social activities, as well their extra-curricular structured activities.

These changes have prompted us to look at the REC Funds extra-curricular monies for Youth 18 and under differently for the fiscal year 2021.  You will be able to access $150 of your extra-curricular monies if you have not already accessed your maximum allowable during the current fiscal year for items related to recreation, sports, music and wellness. Some examples may include but are not limited to, basketball nets, skateboards and helmets, scooters, bicycles, music and art related items etc.

You will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $150 with receipts. This change in guidelines is only in affect for the 2021 fiscal year. School aged Youth must be currently enrolled in school.

Please contact (902) 742-0257 or 1-866-670-8086 with any questions or concerns

IMPORTANT Information Regarding Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics 5/19/21

IMPORTANT information regarding
Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics
Acadia First Nation Members

The Acadia First Nation Health team is pleased to share our next Vaccination Clinic Plan for all Acadia First Nation Members 12+. Please note the only areas we will be administering the vaccine are from the controlled medical centre settings in Yarmouth and Gold River due to strict health measures and protocols in vaccine cold chain accountability. In the meantime, if you are able to receive your vaccine from the province, please do so. It is important to take the first vaccine you can access, if you are wishing to receive it. This schedule is tentative and could change depending on vaccine deliveries arriving as scheduled in Nova Scotia.

All Acadia First Nation Band Members ages 12+

Please call Marla at (902)774-3736 to book your appointment.

Additional clinic dates will continue to be posted by age, as they become confirmed.Any questions regarding the vaccine roll out, please feel free to reach out at any time.

Marla Robinson-Pyne
Health Director, Acadia First Nation
Yarmouth Health Centre
10534 Hwy 3
Yarmouth NS B5A4A8
Phone: 902-742-4337
Cell: (902)774-3736

Moderate Livelihood Fishing Community Sessions

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