In July 2021, the Nova Scotia government announced a Request for Proposals for the development of renewable energy projects. This announcement is linked to Nova Scotia’s goals to fight climate change and move to a more sustainable source of electricity.

Acadia First Nation (AFN) strongly supports the benefits of introducing a cost-effective source of renewable energy to the Province.

AFN has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ABO Wind Canada in the development of two wind projects.

  1. Sandy Point Wind Farm – Shelburne County
  2. Melvin Lake Wind Farm – Halifax Regional Municipality

We are excited to participate in Canada’s growing clean energy sector.

These projects will provide many opportunities throughout the development, construction and operational aspects of the wind farms.

Project Contact:

Rachel Stevenson,
Director of Economic Development
Acadia First Nation
Tel: (902) 742-0257