Michael Paul, Councillor

Michael Paul, CouncillorHammonds Plains office
1692 Hammonds Plains Rd.
office: 902-422-5918
cell: 902-483-7040

Portfolio: Education/Employment/Training, Finance, Economic Development

Halifax Regional Municipality

A councillor since 2002, Michael is a Trustee and Administrator of Acadia First Nation's Ponhook Trust and has held the Employment and Training Portfolio since 2012. Working in collaboration with the Employment Officer to assist Band members in acquiring beneficial and sustainable training to employment, Acadia First Nation has assisted in opening the door to many opportunities for community members.

As a councillor, Michael has been able to advocate on behalf of the Employment Officer and Band members on challenges and opportunities related to training and employment. He also brings the concerns of Band members to the council table and works with other councillors on all issues for the benefit of the First Nation. Michael is also involved in Elder and Youth activities and is a member of the Native Council of Nova Scotia.

Not only is Michael involved within the community, he is busy with various volunteer activities outside the community. Originally trained as a firefighter and medical first responder, he worked as a volunteer firefighter for 10 years, is a Justice of the Peace for the province of Nova Scotia and is a regular blood donor.

Let's all have respect for one another and work together for the betterment and growth of our First Nation.
Michael Paul