Weekly Health Update # 2 With AFN Community Health Nurse

Weekly health update with AFN Community Health Nurse

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all were able to enjoy your Easter weekend, even with restrictions in place. Maybe you tried something new, or you were able to virtually “visit” with friends and family. We have just started week 5 of work from home, and physical distancing protocols, and I want to thank everyone who has adhered to these guidelines. If you haven’t watched today’s (Monday, Apr 13th) provincial update from Premiere McNeil and Dr. Strang, I really recommend it. It was a very optimistic address. As always, if you are struggling, or need some help, please reach out to us in the Health Department, or your local council member.

Last week I posted some information in the Facebook group (AFN Community Health) about financial health, and planning. If you aren’t in the group please join! If not, you can also reach out to me anytime and I can send you some information. This is a difficult time for everyone and working out a plan can help relieve financial stress and keep you on top of payments.

This week I will be adding some more nutrition information. I’m not sure about you, but I am struggling to keep up with meal ideas. Being home 24/7 with kids, 3 meals a day and snacks is A LOT! So, I have been in touch with Angela MacDonald, who many of you will remember is the dietician with UNSM. She has created some excellent videos, and more are to follow. Nutrition can be a tricky subject in a time of stress, and unknown. So, I want to assure you, that whatever you are doing now, is ok. If you are looking for information and ideas, it is available.

Best links to get information

Please see our Facebook page: AFN Community Health and answer the joining questions for access. Frequent updates, resources, and links will be posted there

Nova Scotia Government:

Nova Scotia Health Authority:

Government of Canada:

World Health Organization:

WHO advising on pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding:

Mental Health Provincial Crisis Line: call 24/7 1-888-429-8167

Kids Help Phone: call 24/7 1-800-668-6868
text CONNECT to 686868
or chat online on their website

If there is anything you are looking for more information on or ideas on: nutrition, physical activity during isolation, coping strategies, child and youth health, etc. Please let me know and I can look into helping you as well as the community!

Stay safe and wash your hands

Chelsea Sawyer
Community Health Nurse
O: 902-627-1245
C: 902-277-2297