Acadia First Nation Is Looking for Support from The Community

Acadia First Nation is interested in purchasing home-made face masks from community members.

If you or someone you know has been making or is interested in making face masks/coverings, we are interested in purchasing these items from you.


We are currently offering $10.00 per mask. Please see below for contact information to arrange for pickup and payment.


Queens and Surrounding Areas Shelburne Yarmouth
Avis Johnson

(902) 350-0547 (cell)
Darlene Coulton

(902) 740-2077 (cell)
Rachel Falls

(902) 307-4300 (cell)


If you are interested in making a mask but are not sure how to make one, please use the below template as a guide. 

Adult Surgical Mask Template (524 KB)

Please use this document as a guide for the use of Non Medical Masks:

  Mask Insert (14 KB)


Acadia First Nation Thanks You for Your Support During These Difficult Times.