Fishing Master Class 4 | A’paqt (Oceans)

Fishing Master Class 4

A’paqt (Oceans): Building Bridges for Women and Indigenous Peoples in Marine Training

The focus of the A’paqt project directly aligns with Transport Canada’s Marine Training Program-Southern
objective, project categories and both target groups (women and Indigenous people) as it aims to facilitate access to and awareness of marine training and employment by underrepresented groups through a variety of offerings.
The goals of the A’paqt project stem from NSCC’s engagement with women and Indigenous people over several years. From these discussions, we have come to recognize the significant financial, social and cultural barriers that women and Indigenous people face when pursuing post-secondary training and employment.
NSCC aims to address these barriers and the unique needs of underrepresented groups through the A’paqt project, ultimately resulting in greater participation in marine training and careers.

Location: Yarmouth – Burridge Campus This program will be offered to women

Dates: January 6, 2020 – April 17, 2020

Courses included in the program are as follows:

• Jan. 2-3 Inclusive Culture in the fishing industry
• Jan. 6-24 Chartwork & Pilotage
• Jan. 27-31 Navigation Safety
• Feb. 3-14 Simulated Electronic Navigation
• Feb. 18-28 Navigation Safety continued
• Mar. 2-4 ROC-MC
• Mar. 5-6 MBFA
• Mar. 9-13 MAFA
• Mar. 16-19 MED-DVS
• Mar. 20-Apr. 9 Stability & Construction
• Apr. 14-17 Orals (Final Exam) Prep.

The tuition for this program is $6300.00. Bursaries are available through NSCC Foundations for those who apply which covers 90% of the tuition.

To register for the FMS IV contact Kim Young at NSCC email: