Nova Scotia Power Smart Meter Notification

Nova Scotia Power Smart Meters will be installed on all Acadia First Nation Reserves in the coming weeks. Please read all attached information. Including opt-out application.

Attached is a suggested schedule for Smart Meter conversion from Nova Scotia Power. All work is done outdoors and NSP has strict Covid-19 Protocols.

  • Yarmouth – June 10/11
  • Gold River – this community has already been completed
  • Wildcat – June 8/9
  • Greenfield – June 16/17
  • Ponhook – June 8/9

There will be a power interruption of approximately 2 minutes per household as the new meters are turned on which the residents will be advised when the techs are on site.

Please see the below PDFs for more information:

Smart Meter Upgrades in First Nations Communities (479 KB)

Smart Meters FAQ March 2021 (146 KB)

OPT OUT FORM (RES) MAIL January 2021 (449 KB)