The Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult to navigate since March 2020, especially for our Youth.  Our Youth have had their lives disrupted by converting to online learning, changes to their social activities, as well their extra-curricular structured activities.

These changes have prompted us to look at the REC Funds extra-curricular monies for Youth 18 and under differently for the fiscal year 2021.  You will be able to access $150 of your extra-curricular monies if you have not already accessed your maximum allowable during the current fiscal year for items related to recreation, sports, music and wellness. Some examples may include but are not limited to, basketball nets, skateboards and helmets, scooters, bicycles, music and art related items etc.

You will be reimbursed up to a maximum of $150 with receipts. This change in guidelines is only in affect for the 2021 fiscal year. School aged Youth must be currently enrolled in school.

Please contact (902) 742-0257 or 1-866-670-8086 with any questions or concerns