Update from Acadia FN Housing

AFN Housing Update

In an attempt to follow all emergency measures laid out by the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the Acadia First Nation housing department will not be attending community homes to complete maintenance except for the Emergency items identified below:

  1. Sewer and Septic issues
  2. Major Water leaks (Leaks that can’t be contained with a bucket or other container)
  3. No heat in the house (only if you have no backup source like wood stove)
  4. No drinking water or hot water

If a representative of housing is called to your home, the social distancing rule must be followed and you must remain more than six feet away from the housing representative at all times. It is also important that you have the area clear where the problem is located and work must be completed. . You should also sanitize doorknobs and the area before the worker comes and after they leave.

Water Systems
If your house has a water system
- Salt will be dropped off at your door only; it is your responsibility to make sure salt is kept in the machine to keep it operating. If you need help putting salt in your system please contact a family member if you can.

When the call comes in Housing will assess the situation and determine if it is an emergency or not.

It is the right of all housing department representatives attending your home to ask pertinent questions on your health to ensure that they can attend your home and perform the required maintenance while ensuring their own personal safety. Acadia First Nation housing department will do as much as possible to ensure your required maintenance is kept up while ensuring the safety to all involved. Your patience during this time is appreciated.

If you require any assistance please reach out to your local Council member or call (902) 742-2163.


Jim Pictou
Housing Director
Acadia First Nation